Jackson Township Ohio
Jackson Township Ohio
Jackson Township Cemetery

Cemetery Contact is Sexton Mark Plant
(330) 538-3093 or (330) 719-7255 cell
Cost Service Provided
$550.00 Grave
$600.00 Open and close (After 2pm add $250)
$800.00 Open and close Saturday (After 2pm add $250)
$850.00 Open and close 3 day holiday weekends and Sundays
(After 2pm add $250)
$300.00 Cremations/Infants ($40.00 on Saturdays)
$50.00 Transfer of Deed
$1.25 Per square inch for foundations
Disinterment -- 1.5 X open and close
Address: 1103 N. Salem-Warren Rd., North Jackson, OH 44451
Prices are the same for residents and non-residents.
Make checks payable to: Jackson Township Trustees

Click for a complete list of Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Looking for a specific grave location? Try this web site: http://www.findagrave.com
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Jackson Township Ohio